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A Look at Pest Control Features for the Future

posted on 23 June 2014 | posted in Future

How will we deal with pests in the future? Here's a fun look at how pest control products and services may be carried out in the future:-


Property Pest Control History
When we look at a property in the future, we will have access to any pest control issues that property may have had, including a cross-reference check on pest control products purchased by previous owners. We will also know when such products were purchased so as to ascertain just how recently those pest issues were.

Preventative Suggestions
A big part of pest control is to implement prevantative measures. An app will suggest to you products and services to implement in the days ahead to prevent bigger problems in the future. Such suggestions may be based on seasonal problems that have occurred on your property in the past and can act as a reminder as much as genuinely useful suggestions.

100% Environmentally Friendly Products
The future of pest control will feature 100% environmentally friendly products. Such products will have no impact on the local environment. Even in 2014, we're already seeing many products like this.

More Natural Preventative Remedies
Similar to the previous point, except this will be more about a shift in how we deal with pests rather than new products coming onto the market. We'll start to see pest control more as a preventative measure than a reactive one, and we'll be more inclined to use natural remedies to help prevent pest issues occurring in the first place.

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