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Cat, Dog and Fox Repeller

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The Cat, Dog and Fox Repeller is an ultra sonic sound wave method of repelling, deterring, stopping and getting rid of cats and dogs that may be making a mess in your garden by either fouling on the lawn or digging up your plants.

Works on either battery power or mains electricity.

To use the device on battery power, 6 x 1.5v batteries are required, the repeller then works on a passive infra red - PIR - motion detector system that will detect a nuisance cat or dog up to 12 metres in front of the unit and in an arc of 180 degrees.

To use the unit on mains electricity, [ our mains adapter is sold separately below ], the repeller will send out sonic sound waves continuously to keep cats and dogs away without the need of them coming into the repellers >range< and without the need to change batteries.

This is a humane method of cats and dogs pest control.

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